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EVx 2023: Learn more about safely charging your EV at home and find the right charger with EVhub.my |

Vehicle charging is an integral part of EV ownership, and if you prefer to reduce your dependency on public chargers, having your own personal

 10 Aug 2023
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Unlocking the Financial Benefits of Electric Vehicles |

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV), but worried about the initial outlay? Not to worry! With a thorough cost analysis and savings

 28 Jun 2023
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Nationwide EV Charger Installations at Unbeatable Prices! Book Now! |

🌍🌿 As we actively install EV chargers nationwide, we're proud to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and building a more sustainable

 29 May 2023
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🆕 Supercharged Safety: The RCBO - Your Electric Car's Trusty Sidekick |

The fascinating realm of electrical safety is yours to explore! We're going to learn more about the RCBO today and its mysterious abilities.

 25 May 2023
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Supercharge Your Ride: Unleashing the Lightning-fast Potential of Electric Vehicle Charging |

Do you know that some vehicles can operate without using petrol? They go by the name of electric vehicles, or EVs, and they're hip and green.

 18 May 2023
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Three Wallbox Chargers Installed by Evhub at Menara Landmark, JB! ⚡🔌 |

Rev up your EV game with our latest addition! Evhub proudly announces the installation of not one, not two, but THREE brand new Wallbox Pulsar Plus

 11 May 2023
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Announcing our New Partnership with Daiman Group! |

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Daiman, one of the leading property developers in the southern region, to provide EV

 02 May 2023
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13th ANNIVERSARY SALE -13% off on selected POs from 22/2/2023 till 21/3/2023. |

SaturnPyro is celebrating our 13th year anniversary today, we are grateful to our clients and employees who have been the backbone of our success.

 22 Feb 2023
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