EVx 2023: Learn more about safely charging your EV at home and find the right charger with EVhub.my

Vehicle charging is an integral part of EV ownership, and if you prefer to reduce your dependency on public chargers, having your own personal charger at home is a viable option. However, finding the right charger that suits your needs can be a daunting process and getting one installed properly is vital to ensure the safety of your home.

At the paultan.org Electric Vehicle Expo (EVx) 2023, EVhub.my is on hand to educate current and future EV owners on home charging systems, including the importance of preparing your home’s electrical supply system accordingly to prevent unnecessary complexity that can result in higher installation cost.

Charging an EV at home involves high voltages and currents, which is why due diligence and the right hardware is needed to protect your home against potential overcurrent and residual current. As with electrical appliances, EV chargers require an optimal power delivery system to function properly.

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10 Aug 2023