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Fast charging you can rely on

Supernova is a full fast-charging solution designed under four key principles that make it profitable, easy to operate and scalable.


Maximizing uptime to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs. From our product design focused on reliability and serviceability to the use of real-time data to optimize maintenance and management.
Deliver more power with optimal resource utilization. Supernova requires up to half the total investment compared to similar chargers, is a leader in terms of energy efficiency and ensures easy installation and operation.
User centricity
Thanks to our end-user understanding, gained through years of delivering home charging solutions, we provide the best possible fast charging experience. A seamless experience attracts more drivers, increases turnover and reduces customer callbacks.
Supernova integrates into any existing charging network and provides a future proof solution, offering simple alternatives to increase its power as well as compatibility with today’s and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.
Three-year warranty
Developed and manufactured in Europe, Pulsar Plus is designed to last.


Designed for maximum uptime and reduced maintenance

Our experience and dedication to electric vehicle charging allows us to insource R&D, industrialization and production, which occurs just 5 minutes from our European headquarters. This gives Wallbox unprecedented control over the entire value chain to ensure the highest quality of all components as well as a seamless integration between hardware and software.

Based on our patented Quasar technology, it includes six independent power modules to ensure uptime even in the unlikely case of a module failure.

PowerFlow is our self-learning algorithm that allocates power per module when EVs demand less than nominal power. This results in a homogenous demand per module, reducing wear and increasing lifetime.


And with greater serviceability and connectivity

  • Real-time data simplifies maintenance with remote diagnosis and service.
  • Predictive approach, thanks to a wide range of sensors that detect and correct small faults before they cause a failure.
  • Detailed diagnostic codes with an appropriate action plan to make service simple and efficient.



Deliver more power with optimal resource utilization


Up to half the total investment than similar competitors.

Our patented Quasar technology is compact and affordable and makes Supernova a leader in energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.

PowerFlow is our self-learning algorithm that enhances our innovative six-module approach. It allocates power per module to optimize energy efficiency even when EVs demand less than nominal power.



Transport & Installation

Light and modular design for easier and effortless transportation and installation.

Simplified installation options include forklift capability, eliminating the need for a crane. Our comprehensive training program simplifies the process for all partners and installers.

Customized software configurations can be performed in the production line, with a final and simple web interface process on site (no specific software needed).




Efficient, low-cost maintenance is achieved thanks to Supernova’s comprehensive design, a wide array of sensors, real-time data and round-the-clock connectivity:

  • All major components and modules are lightweight and easy to maintain or replace, with convenient access from three sides
  • Remote diagnostics and repairs
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance adapted to real operating conditions



Provide a seamless experience to customers

Interactive light system to guide drivers through the entire process, from finding a free spot to returning the plug to its holster.

10’’ color touchscreen with intuitive design, concise information and minimum interactions required to initiate charging.

All handled elements are ergonomically accessible and wheelchair compliant. Our retractable cable management system* prevents floor contact and ensures that the installation remains clean.

Numerous payment options. Screen QR Code and credit card reader* with worldwide acceptance. The 3-in-1 credit card reader supports contactless (including apple/google pay), chip and magnetic.

Authentication options: RFID or via OCPP interface

Provides a faster charge with our innovative power extension that connects two chargers to deliver up to 120 kW.

*Optional feature



Adapt to current and future needs

CCS & CHAdeMO charging cables. A future hardware and software update will allow simultaneous charging of 2 EVs with dynamic power management.

Easy integration with any existing charging network through OCPP.

Over-the-air software updates ensure up-to-date functionality and compatibility with current and future electric vehicles.

Power Extension pairs two 60 kW-units to deliver up to 120 kW to 1 EV. Adapt to varying demand with minimal additional investment, increasing customer satisfaction and utilization rate.

Compatible with a future upgrade to 130 kW with an on-site hardware retrofit and software update.(*)

* Under development. Please contact your sales representative regarding availability.



Simple solutions to increase power as demand grows

* Under development. Please contact your sales representative regarding availability.



Technical specifications

DC Connectors : CCS2, CHAdeMO
Charging Protocol : ISO15118 (including Plug&Charge*) / CHAdeMO
Cable Length : 3m, 5m[1]
Cable Management : Auto retractable system [1]
Output Power : 60 kW
Nominal Efficiency : Up to 97%
Power Factor : > 0.98
THD : 5%
Output Voltage : 150-500V
Output Current : 150A
Supply Input : 400V ± 10%, 91A, 50Hz
Electrical Protections : Grid disconnection, MCB, Surge Arrestor
Environmental Ratings : IP54, IK10, 2000 m altitude
Operating Temperature : -35ºC to 50ºC
Cooling System : Active air cooling
Operational noise level : < 55dBA
Humidity : 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Dimensions : 2000 x 714x 453 mm
Weight : 250kg
Branding Options : Artwork Templates
Connectivity : Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Space for external router (DIN rail)
Backend Communication : OCPP 1.6J
Diagnostics : Auto-diagnostics system
User Interface : 10” Anti-vandal Colour Touch Display (sunlight readable), LED status lights
Authentication : App (OCPP) / RFID (MI-FARE ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693, ISO/IEC18000-3, FeliCa, NFC)
Ad-Hoc Payment : Credit Card Reader* [1]: 3-in-1 contactless, chip, magnetic, Screen QR code
Metering : AC MID [1], DC Eichrecht (German calibration law)* [1]
Charging Compliance : CCS (DIN 70121, ISO15118), IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-21-2, CHAdeMO 1.2 Certified
Safety & EMC Compliance : CE, IEC
Cybersecurity Compliance : LINCE*

Specifications are subject to change to improve design, function, or otherwise. [1] Optional. (*) To be launched in 2022.