SETEC Power 60kW
SETEC Power 60kW


SETEC Power 60kW

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CCS Combo 1 or Combo 2 + CHAdeMO (GBT) 60kW EV charging Station is Combined with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 1 or 2,
multl-connectors, Fast charging Station. That can be fit for all CHAdeMO and CCS Electric Cars. CCS Combo 1 is for
American EVs, CCS combo 2 is for European EVs. CHAdeMO is for Japanese and Korea EVs. GBT is for Chinese EVs.
SETEC Power 60kW DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their cars safely and quickly.
A typical electric car with 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as less than about 10 minutes to get up to 80% of its capacity.
SETEC combines industry standardization with advanced charging technology to support next-generation electric vehicles.
ts multi-protocol design allows for easy tailoring to support CHAdeMO and CCS standards for DC fast charging applications.
Payment & billing platform solution able easy and secure payments via station payment terminals and RFID card.

  • Built-in safety measures
  • User friendly interface
  • Durable enclosure
  • Working indicator light bar
  • Flexible multi-protocol design
  • CHAdeMO and CCS combo 1 or 2,GBT compatible
  • Type 1 / Type 2 AC Charger 22kw / 43kw, Cable / Socket Optional
  • OCPP 1.6 or future version
  • WIFI, 4G, GSM Optional
  • Holder Locker Optional
  • Wide temperature range: -25ºC to +65ºC
  • Data management and metering options
  • Multi-connectors are suitable for all the EV cars.
  • Multi-language to meet for different end users.
  • Touch Screen to easy opera􀆟on and view status.
  • Obvious signal light shows charging status.
  •  Two side doors for checking inside easily.
  • Emergency button to stop immediately.
  • DC Charging Two Vehicles Simultaneously Op􀆟onal
  • Tap RIFD card to start charging.
  • Charge modules be inserted easily.

SETEC Power 60kW