Residential EV Charger Comparison
The smart way to charge your EV
Wallbox smart charging solutions combine technology and design to provide the best EV charger at residence by offering:
Our chargers are available with both type 1 and type 2 charging cables. Whatever EV you have, we have a charger for you.
Control and change the charger output via myWallbox app; 22kW can be adjusted to 11kW and 7.4kW can be adjusted to 3.7kW.
Our chargers have IP54 and IK08 protection ratings, allowing safe installation indoors and outdoors. Designed and manufactured in Europe, they are built to last and are covered by Wallbox’s warranty.
Onboard intelligence
A Wallbox charger has onboard intelligence, so you control your charge settings, even when you are offline, by using its Bluetooth connectivity.
With up to 22 kW, experience a charge that’s up to 8x faster than a standard charger.
Our certified partners will safely install your charger in full compliance with local regulations and our warranty guidelines.
Our smart solutions manage the energy load between your home and your car for the most efficient charge, without compromising your energy costs. We call it Dynamic Power Sharing.
Three & Two year warranty
Developed and manufactured in Europe, Pulsar Plus is designed to last.
Our chargers offer multiple connectivity options, which you can control remotely via your smart devices and myWallbox app.


Our chargers are powered by the myWallbox platform

Connect and control your charger from anywhere via the myWallbox app.

 Manage charging and monitor the charge status
 Set and change charging schedules to benefit from off-peak energy rates
 Remote locking and unlocking
 Real-time charging statistics
 Real-time notifications


Improve your charger intelligence with dynamic load management

Improve your charger intelligence with our dynamic load management solution to avoid blackouts and surprise energy bills. It will measure your home’s live energy usage and automatically adjusts the charge to your EV in harmony with your local grid’s capacity.