ECDC-240 Satellite EV Charging Solution
ECDC-240 Satellite EV Charging Solution


ECDC-240 Satellite EV Charging Solution

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Parking lots and charging station where multiple DC charging service required.

ECDC-240 EV charging stack is a split-type charging system meeting multiple standards CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T. Adopting
modular design concept and forefront power electronic technology, consists of power stack, control units and charge posts. Can be installed both outdoor and indoor

  • Comply with CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T
  • Flexible power distribution function, dynamically adjust output power according to the demand of electric vehicles
  • Multi outlets to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously, the output and power as follows: 240 kW type stack: configurable 2􀊙8 outlets, each output 0 ~ 60 kW or 0 ~ 120 kW; 360 kW type stack: configurable 2 􀊙􀀁12 outlets, 30 􀊙􀀁180 kW flexible output
  • 12.1 inch LCD / LED screen to display information in real time, easy operation and interactive user interface.
  • Supports Web & mobile based payment methods
  • Insulation monitoring function, automatically turn off output to ensure safe charging.
  • High adaptability of temperature range, isolated heat dissipation air ducts, power heat dispassion is separated from control circuit to ensure dust -free control unit.
  • High efficiency, high reliability, ultra low radiation,fast maintenance, flexible capacity expansion,energy efficiency and environmental protection

ECDC-240 Satellite EV Charging Solution